Whats the best way to open a coconut? – Will From Long Island, NY 10. December 2016

I went ahead and did some extra credit. $ different ways to open a coconut.

Caramelizing Onions takes so long. Is there a Quicker Way? – Jim From Buffalo, NY 9. December 2016

Episode 104

I don’t like Salt is there an alternative? Jen from Baldwin, NY #ChefCatman, #JustForkMe, chef catman, just fork me, kitchen tips, salt - 27. November 2016

Episode 103

Should I salt my pasta, I get a lot of different answers on this. Whats the real answer? -Artie from NYC #ChefCatman, #JustForkMe, chef catman, just fork me, kitchen tips, Pasta, salt, Salt The Pasta - 27. November 2016

Episode 102

How do I pick a fresh fish? I keep picking bad ones. – Mike from Brooklyn 13. August 2016

Episode 101